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Account Creation

  • In order to create your Office 365 Adoption site, you must be one of the Global Administrators of your Office 365 account. Only Global Administrators can create this for your organization.

  • The Office 365 Adoption site you are about to create will only be accessible by your Office 365 users. It is integrated with your Office 365 account for Single Sign-On (SSO).

  • Account creation steps:

    1. Click the ‘Next’ button below – you will be taken to a Microsoft login page

    2. Microsoft login page – this page verifies you are an administrator for your Office 365 account

    3. Office 365 Adoption sign-up form – enter your account information and company logo

    4. Microsoft consent page – this page completes the Office 365 account integration

    5. You will be taken to your new Office 365 Adoption site. Before you can customize it, you will need to assign yourself access through your Azure Active Directory tenant. We will send you an email with these steps.

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